The easy guide to conveyancing...

and where to find a solicitor and get a quote

And what exactly will my solicitor do?

Well, first of all, you will need to choose a solicitor and get an idea of costs. You can use our free search tool to finding a solicitor and getting a quote by clicking on the link you see on this page.

Then after you’ve chosen your solicitor to handle the legal transfer of title deed from the vendor to you – the following happens:

You will receive a ‘Solicitors Client Care Pack’ – You’ll need to complete the pack and return it together with the requested search fees.

Contract Requested – Your solicitor will then request a contract pack from the vendors’ solicitor and raise the appropriate enquiries.

Searches Ordered – Next, your solicitor will order various searches on the property and these will include the local authority, water, and drainage, environmental, etc.

Mortgage Offer Issued – Once you have received your mortgage offer make sure your solicitor also has a copy.

Searches and enquiries received – When all searches and other enquiries are received and are satisfactory to you and your solicitor – you will then be asked to sign some key documents, which include the transfer deed, the mortgage deed, the completion statement, the report on title and the contract itself.

Deposit Required – Next your solicitor will request the deposit and the mortgage funds from your mortgage provider and prepare the completion statement. When all of the funds are received, your solicitor will be ready to send these to your vendors’ solicitor.


Exchange contracts – This is the legally binding part of the process where the commitment to buy and sell is made between you and your vendor. At this point your solicitor will arrange for your Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) to be paid to the UK Government.

Completion – With the requested mortgage funds in place, your solicitor will send these together with the completion statement to your vendors’ solicitor to complete the transaction.

And now the keys can be released to you!

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